Friday, November 5, 2010

London Jackass

Tried to post this November 3rd, but the connection timed out at the Athens airport.

We didn't really have that exciting a night on Halloween, but we made up for it two nights later (last night), by running into the cast of Jackass (sans Knoxville) at our hotel.  They were in town for the London premiere of the new Jackass 3D movie, and we just happened to run into them as they were waiting outside for their cars.  

Mandi has a thing for midgets, so it was all I could do to restrain her from picking up Wee Man, and she did try.  He was really cool and said that he wanted to take a picture with me because apparently I look just like his best friend, and he wanted to let him know that he had a twin in London.  But I'm American, and it got confusing, but anyway, here's the picture.

Hello Wee Man (I'm standing two steps down).

Mandi is in LOVE.

I also high-fived Bam, which was really cool because Bam slept with Kat Von D, who slept with Nikki Sixx, which pretty much means that I high-fived Nikki Sixx, which is way, way cool.    

Well, we're in the Athens airport right now, after flying in overnight from London.  It's 8:30am and we weren't able to sleep last night, so Mandi's having a little nap next to me right now.  Our connection to Santorini leaves in an hour...wooohooo! 

So, we'll be on the rock in a few hours...hello Laura Kenney!!

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