Wednesday, September 15, 2010

9.15.09 (Haha...that was last year)

Good thing it's not September 15, 2009, because one year ago today we were in Greece.  And that day sucked for two reasons.

1.  Because I got stabbed in the face with a fork by a Serb.
2.  Because Louis fell off Phil's roof and broke his leg.  

Today, however, has been a great day (thank you Argentina).  Mandi, Louis, and I walked around town, had coffee, and visited lots of fun shops.  Louis had no problems with his leg, and we are going to have Indian for dinner tonight, which means I will not have to use a fork.  

Since I have successfully avoided forks all day today (and feel pretty good about that), going forward I will observe a "no fork" rule every September 15. 


  1. i would say one negative is that you were hanging with me all day on this date last year!

  2. Hanging with you , Laura, would be one of the only positives of September 15, 2009!

  3. There's no forking way you will forget to celebrate this date every year!