Sunday, October 31, 2010

Columbus Day In Bonus Aires

Apparently, way back in 1492, Columbus didn't just discover America...he discovered "The Americas."  So here in Bonus Aires, Columbus Day is a really big deal.  Argentines started celebrating the "Dia de la Raza" or "Day of the Hispanic People" back in 1917 to commemorate the meeting of the Europeans and the Native Americans.  Funny, when we were kids, we thought Columbus Day was about soccer tournaments and going out for pizza.

To celebrate Columbus Day this year, we went to a really big beautiful park with some friends and had a picnic.

I see you Mandi!

Pretty park.

Stay on the path.

Nice little bridge over a have to cross it to get to the bathrooms.

There's the lake.  Those little boats always LOOK like a good idea, then you get in them and realize that they are a lot of work and it's hot and there's lots of bugs...yuck.  And what if you have to pee?

Getting a little nap in the shade.  He's a good boyyyeee.

Hellooo Megan! 
Hey random Aussie dude drinking from the red cup...if I see you feed Louis one more tuna salad tea sandwich, you're dead!  He has a fragile digestive system.

Look at all the nice trees...and Mandi, John, and Kells Bells!  
Yup, still have the same jeans on.

Crossing the widest street on earth on the way home - 13 lanes going in the same direction!?

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